Atty. Nole Panganiban

Atty. Nole P. Panganiban

Senior Partner

NOLE P. PANGANIBAN graduated from Arellano University, Manila with the degree of Associate in Arts and successfully finished his Masteral in Public Administration at Philippine Women’s University, Manila. He later realized his dream to serve the public when he obtained his degree in Bachelor of laws from Philippine Law School and was admitted to the Bar in 1964.

His career in the field of law began when he engaged in private practice and worked in the Law Firm of Sevilla, Cargo and Panganiban from 1965 until 1970. The height of his career took place when he served through various agencies of the government. In 1972, he worked in the Office of the Agrarian Counsel of the Department of Justice (OTAC) and then transferred to Department of Agrarian Reform, Business of Agrarian Legal Assistance where he helped farmers on the Implementation of the Agrarian Reform Program of then President Marcos.

From 1978 up to 1990, Atty. Panganiban mastered his skills in litigation and practice when he headed the Public Attorneys Office of Sta. Cruz, Laguna and handled various areas of litigation. Continuing his zeal to help, he then worked with the 2nd Division of Sandiganbayan where he served as defense counsel for the indigents in 1990. He then exemplified his skills in criminal cases when he served in Presidential Anti-Graft Commission in the Office of the President until he retired from government service in 1995.

Atty. Panganiban joined Atty. Gana in private practice in 1995. Through his hardwork, excellence and mastery in the practice of law, Atty. Panganiban established his name as one of the best lawyers in the practice. Presently, Atty. Panganiban is a Senior Partner of E. O. Gana & Partners.

Atty. Panganiban was born in the province of Abra on August 25, 1930.