Maria Cristina B. Garcia-Ramirez

Atty. Maria Cristina B. Garcia-Ramirez

Junior Partner

MARIA CRISTINA B. GARCIA-RAMIREZ completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce, Major in Legal Management at De La Salle University, Manila in 1998 and pursued her Bachelor of Laws at San Beda College of Law where she graduated in 2004.

Her training and experience began when she worked as a Legal Assistant at the Firm of E. O. Gana and Partners in 2005. She was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2006 and thereafter became an Associate in the said firm.

At present, Atty. Maria Cristina B. Garcia-Ramirez is the Junior Partner of the Firm. Her practice areas include Litigation, Criminal, Civil, and Election cases. She has handled cases involving national and local positions before the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal, the Commission on Elections, and the regular courts.

Atty. Garcia-Ramirez was born on December 17, 1978 in Pasay City.